What is a SAP Calculation?

You will need a SAP calculation for residential buildings at Design Stage and when the construction is complete.

Making changes during the build can impact the final calculation, and with ever-stricter emission targets to cope with, getting the specification right on your development is more important now than ever.

So what is a SAP?

A SAP is a (Standard Assessment Procedure) and it's required for new build domestic buildings. It is a calculation for modelling your design and checking compliance with CO2 targets.

The SAP model is created using design drawings and it is checked against building regulations (Approved Document Part L in England and Wales, and Technical Handbook Section 6 in Scotland).

To show compliance on new builds, the Dwelling Emission Rate must be equal to or lower than the target.

A SAP may also be required for existing residential buildings that are being extended or renovated.

Eco SIPs Homes Structural Insulated Panels play an important part when it comes to complying with the increasingly stringent Part L of the Building Regulations and the SAP 2010.

The SAP rating is a measure of the overall energy efficiency of a dwelling and considers many factors, not just the building materials, these include the efficiency of the heating system, the u-values of all the building elements and any renewable technologies that might be being used.

Several of these areas are met and enhanced by using the Eco SIPs Homes Structural Insulated Panel Building System.

Some of the benefits of using Structural Insulated Panels for SAPs are listed below:

Excellent U-values. By specifying the Eco SIPs Homes Building System, you will achieve low u values, as low as 0.13 on the walls and 0.10 on the roof, helping you to heat your property more efficiently. Look at our product data sheet at the technical section for more on U values.

High levels of air-tightness. Due to the inherently air-tight way that Eco SIPs Homes are constructed, structural insulated panel builds typically have lower air pressure results, meaning easier SAPs. A typical Eco SIPs Homes house kit will achieve between 2 and 4