Guest Blog - Standard House Designs - Preview

GD Lodge Architects were recently appointed by Eco SIPs Homes to design a range of standard houses that could be offered to their clients. Martin Cook at Eco SIPs Homes told us he is often asked by clients if they have a brochure with standard house designs that they can choose from or if clients must appoint an architect to design a bespoke one-off home for them.

We met with Martin and structural engineers Cowal Design Consultants to discuss the outline brief before we drafted up some concept plans for approval.

1. The Outline Design Brief:

1.1 Initially design a range of three house types:

3-bed circa 1250 – 1300 sq.ft. 1.5 storey

4-bed circa 1500 – 1800 sq.ft. 1.5 storey

5-bed circa 1750 – 2300 sq.ft. 2 storey

The initial target market was Scottish rural locations for self-builders, as a holiday home/second home. Most locations would likely have good views therefore justification for large glazed screens and feature glazed gables.

1.2 Consider “upside down” house type option with kitchen/living/dining on upper floor.

2. Technical Matters

2.1 Omit requirement for external masonry leaf. The proposed structural methodology will be a SIPS panel system which will either be battened to receive timber cladding or faced with MGO board to allow direct application of render or brick slips.

2.2 MGO board will provide fire resistance and dimensional stability.

2.3 Consider integration of mechanical ventilation heat recovery system (MVHR). Possibly de-centralised with local facilities in bathrooms and kitchens which can all be controlled remotely via

remote controller or smartphone. System involves mechanical vent extract with ceramic tube liner which then operates via a reverse fan which blows warm air back in.

2.4 Potential roof finishes – options were discussed including slate effect tile, corrugated metal sheet and zinc.

2.5 Outputs for each house type would include presentation floor plans, one external CGI, one internal CGI.