Self Build House Kits


Eco SIPs Homes will design, manufacture, deliver and install your self build Eco home kit wherever you are in the UK.


Our Kits are all manufactured from fully third party certified Structural Insulated Panels, (SIPs). Our building system is approved by mortgage lenders and structural warranty providers.

SIPs Build Greenock

Finished House in Greenock

Davies Wales

Davies Wales

Type 4A Standard SIPs house design

Type 3a Standard SIPs house design

Self-Build Eco Home in Cambridge

Garage Construction

Modern Eco Home

Modern Eco Home

Modern Eco Home

Modern Eco Home


1-3/4-storey-Eco Home -Fife

Bespoke SIPs Self-Build House kits:

Step 1. Employ an architect to prepare your planning drawings or choose from our architect designed range of 2-5 bedroom homes.

Step 2. Apply for planning permission.

Step 3. Send us your plans and ask for a quotation.

Step 4. We will call you to discuss your project in depth before preparing our quotation.

Step 5. We will send you our quotation for design, manufacture, and installation of the superstructure.

Lead times for delivery are typically 14 weeks from ordering, 2 weeks for superstructure engineering, 6 weeks for the SIPs panel house design, and 6 weeks production lead time.

For a free quotation email us your plans here >>