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Want to know what's included in an Eco SIPs Homes SIPs House kit?

Clients often ask me to explain what is and what isn't included in an Eco SIPs Homes Structural Insulated Panel house kit.

We do give all customers a full breakdown of what is included with the kit and what we exclude in our quotations, however, some clients want to know before quote stage what we supply so I thought I would write a short blog with an illustration (below) to help explain what we supply.

Our team of in house design technicians convert architects building regulation drawings into a set of SIP frame drawings. If you don't have an architect yet then you can find one HERE

Exploded View of Eco SIPs Homes Structural Insulated Panel house kit

Our in house design technicians produce a 3D visual design of your home, a set of floor joist layouts, a set of fabrication drawings for the factory and site construction drawings for the frame erectors.

Our consulting engineers provide loading's for the designers and structural calculations for the house kit. The engineers can provide a substructure design as well as the superstructure design and SER certificates.

Eco SIPs Homes provide the entire structural shell as shown above. All external SIP wall panels for each floor, All associated panel timbers and joining splines, All internal timber frame partitions, metal web floor joists, 22mm thick Egger protect flooring, structural roof support beams and purlins, SIP roof panels and dormer panels. There are no roof trusses required so you have an extra room in the roof or can have vaulted ceilings.

We even supply all sundry items required by the frame erectors, nails, screws, DPC, holding down ties, frame fixings, wall and roof membranes and the staples.

Ground works, windows and doors and MVHR are excluded from our kit but we can provide these as extras. A full door and window schedule and specification is required before we can quote for windows and doors. Windows and doors can be solid timber or aluclad and be either double or triple glazed.

Our MVHR system is a decentralised system of single room units, no ducting is required between the units. The units are linked over Wi-Fi and controlled from your smartphone, either on android or ios operating system, for more information you can read more and view a video HERE

Scaffolding, waste skips, and site welfare facilities are excluded from our package and must be provided by the client. We can put you in contact with a main contractor if you need one.

I hope this post gives readers a better understanding of what we offer.

For a free no obligation quote please send your plans to

Thanks for reading.


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