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Is air tightness important?

Yes, air tightness is crucial in eliminating heat loss from a building. The superior air tightness of SIPs and the jointing method can create an airtight structure that meets all the new Building Regulation requirements.

[endif]Our SIP panels help to develop a whole house thermal envelope, which has excellent air tightness. Ventilation and heat recovery is achieved through a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system (MVHR).

Centralised systems: Can be difficult to integrate, within the building because of complex ducting design. Also once installed most ducting cannot be cleaned, leading to air pollution problems in years to come.

Decentralised systems: Supply and exhaust single-rooms in flats, houses, cottages, social and commercial premises. Reducing heat losses caused by ventilation with highly efficient heat recovery units. Humidity balance and regulated air exchange create individually controlled microclimates.

Our simple decentralised system does not require complex ducting installation. Our system saves costs in fitting and maintenance, running costs are very low and the units are extremely quiet. The system can be controlled by Bluetooth units.

Several integrated single-room ventilation units are linked to a central control using WiFi and our system is easily controlled by a smartphone App either on Android or Mac OS

To view the product brochure click HERE and for a video demonstration take a look HERE

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