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Eco SIPs Homes - Structural Insulated Panel House Kits

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Structural Insulated Panels were developed in America in the 1930's and introduced to the UK market in the early 80’s.

SIPs are a trusted and tested form of construction in the UK and accepted by local authorities, mortgage lenders and warranty providers.

Eco SIPs Homes -

Structural Insulated Panels 

Eco SIPs Homes high quality SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) are manufactured and fabricated in Fife, Scotland, the UK, just north of Edinburgh and south of Dundee.

Our highly experienced Architects, SIPs kit designers and structural engineers design bespoke one-off, self-build eco house kits for sale, delivery and installation UK wide.


If you have plans already then send them to us for a free quote today.

Our SIPs building system is an advanced form of timber-frame construction which is manufactured off-site.


All our panels, kit homes, extensions, and garden rooms are prefabricated and pre-insulated under strict ISO9001 factory quality controls to exacting standards.

SIPs are high quality, environmentally friendly, highly insulated and very quick to erect.

  • A very strong pre-insulated and prefabricated structure

  • Excellent insulation values

  • Typical house erected in 1-2 weeks including roof


Our panels, building system and space joists (metal web joists) are are fully third-party accredited.

Structural Insulated Panels can be used for all types of  construction, including:

New build homesroofshome  extensions

in-fill panelsgarden buildings or blank panels.

Due to the high levels of air tightness we strongly recommend installing a MVHR system – Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery.

All our SIPs house kits, home extensions and garden rooms are now available with NorDan windows and doors.


For a free quotation today or to ask any                  questions, please visit our contact us page.

Building with SIPs panels offers many benefits including:

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SIPs Products
Why decentralised systems are better

Our SIP panels help to develop a whole house thermal envelope, which has excellent air tightness. Ventilation and heat recovery is achieved through a MVHR system.


Centralised systems can be difficult to integrate, within the building because of complex ducting design.


Also once installed most ducting cannot be cleaned, leading to air pollution problems in years to come.


Our simple decentralised system does not require complex ducting installation. Our system saves costs in fitting and maintenance, running costs are very low and the units are extremely quiet. The system can be controlled by Bluetooth units.

SIPs Products

OSB Structural Insulated Panel

OSB Panels:

Our standard OSB faced Structural Insulated Panels

are available in the following sizes:

Lengths = 2.4m, 2.7m, 5.1m

Widths = 1.2m, 0.6m, 0.3m

Thickness = 119mm, 144mm, 169mm, 194mm, 219mm

To download our product data sheet visit the Technical Section

PVC Covered Structural Insulated Panel

PVC Panels:

Our standard OSB faced Structural Insulated Panels with 2mm white PVC sheet bonded to the outside faces.


A wipe clean "Hygiene Panel" suitable for Hospitals, Medical practices, Dentists clinics, Vets, Kennels, Catteries and many other applications.

Available in widths upto 1.2m and up to lengths of 2.7m

MgO Structural Insulated Panel

MgO Panels:

Our Magnesium Oxide faced Structural Insulated Panels use a class A1 non combustible MgO board instead of OSB.


Ideal where fire mitigation measures are required. The board also has high impact resistance and high moisture resistance.

Available in 2.4m or 2.7m Lengths x 1.2m Widths and various thicknesses.



Please call or email with your required specification.

Hybrid Structural Insulated Panel